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The French Jura trekking and rambling circuits, on foot, cycling, or riding


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The French Jura charms are, initially its unscathed natural environment, varied and generous, and the best way to discover them is on a gentle trek to appreciate all that nature can offer.

French Jura on foot

With 5,300 km of marked trails and circuits, of which 700 km on ³GR (³Grande Randonnée) trails, 650 km in GRP (Grande Randonnée de Pays), and 3,100 in PR (Promenade et Randonnée), the French Jura is a rambler's paradise. Whether you prefer a gastronomic trek in the vineyards, or trekking with lakes and waterfalls, several circuits are available, some over several days, 300 km of circuits the "Grande Traversée du Jura" (360 km), or more advanced trekking over the French Jura summits, you are sure to find your favourite type of trail in the region. Your trek can be made all the more pleasant by including towns and villages with a "Village de charactère" heritage classification, cultural sites, and other historic monuments. On the circuit, several stopover spots are available to enjoy local specialities with specific local wines and dishes.


Several events mark the year, "La Fête de la rando", "La tram-jurassienne", "La fête des sentiers de la Haute-Seille", "La rando tour des lacs", "Les voies du sel", "Les trente clochers", "Les 6/46 verte", amongst others.
The French Jura "Grand sites" are also part of larger circuits linking the summits to the plains called the "L'Échappée Jurassienne".

The French Jura, cycling heaven

Labelled as the "2015 cycling destination" by the French Cycling Federation in March 2015, the French Jura is a heaven for mountain bikers, with over 2,000 km of marked trails offering a virtually unlimited choice of circuits over a wide range of landscapes.

French Jura by bike is:

  • 26 cycling roundtrip circuits for all levels between 7 and 134 km
  • 2 "Tour du Jura" by bike circuits, high level, year-round: 250 km and 3,900m height difference, with the option of passing through the "Haute Vallée de la Saine".
  • 2 "Tour du Jura" by bike circuits, intermediate, year-round: 155 km and less than 1,000m height difference.
  • 11 mountain passes and outstanding beauty circuits with the following markers: name, altitude, distance before the summit, and hill climb percentage ration.
  • "La Grande Traversée du Jura cyclo": 360 km through the Doubs, Jura, and Ain Departments, with 82 km in the French Jura.
  • "Les véloroutes et voies vertes"registered in the Departmental circuits, 114 km completed to date:
    • "EuroVélo"    6 in the Doubs valley is 54 km of which 3 km classified for the disabled
    • "La Voie PLM" from Perrigny to Châtillon over 18 km
    • "La Voie Bressane" between Lons-le-Saunier and Louhans. The French Jura part is now completed, and the Saone-et-Loire Department is expected to complete their part of the project in order for Lons-le-Saunier to join Louhans onwards to Chalon-sur-Saône over 10 km.
    • "La Voie des salines" between Ranchot and Salins-les-Bains, currently being completed over 28 km
    • "La voie de la Bresse Jurassienne" that will connect Dole to Lons-le-Saunier in a few years from now, works began in Autumn 2014, and 4.5 km completed out of the 50 km planned.

The French Jura for mountain bikes

  • 26 cycling roundtrip circuits for all levels between 7 km and 134 km
  • A network over 1980 km of mountain bike circuits, detailed in the Chamina Guide book, "Le Jura à VTT" with 64 circuits between 2 km and 58 km for all levels.
  • 3 sites and areas classified FFC or FFCT: on the "Premier plateau" between lakes and vineyards in Conliège, "Jura Monts Rivières" in Foncine-le-Haut, and "Pays de Salins-les-Bains".
  • A bike-park in Longchaumois, essentially for mountain-bike and enduro training
  • A "ludi-park" in Morbier
  • 4 large circuits:
    • "La grande traversée du Jura à VTT": 420 km through 3 Departments, Doubs, Jura, and Ain, of which 90 km in the French Jura
    • "Le tour du Lac de Vouglans": 82 km
    • "Le tour du premier plateau" "between lakes and vineyards": 117 km
    • "Le ZED Jurassien": 136 km

The big mountain bike and road-bike meetings: "La forestière", "La tram-jurassienne", "La Louis Pasteur", "Le Jura de haut-en-bas", "Le tour du lac de Vouglans", "Le tour de la Serre", "Les trente clochers", "La forest'Cimes", and the "Brevet de randonneur du Jura"

The French Jura on horseback

A privileged area for riding, the French Jura owes its reputation to the quality of the circuits and trails and the beauty of the landscape. Lakes, waterfalls, vineyards, mountain regions, all of which are available to be enjoyed, and a sled ride will be the best thing in the world for children and families, and a break in a gypsy caravan could be the ultimate for a unique holiday.

Follow trails an circuits, with or without a guide, visit the French Jura on horseback, GTJ or one of the marked trails, over 1,500 km of the G8 Jura circuits.

The French Jura G8 network

The French Jura G8 network offers a range of circuits, 1,506 km that will take you to quality gîtes offering the corresponding standards required by trekkers, half-board, pic-nic panniers, maps provided, and stables for the horses. Every year, many horse-trekking fans come to the French Jura to discover the region on horseback and enjoy all of the services provided by over 30 gîtes members on the G8 circuits. Regarding the riding centres, they number about 20 throughout the French Jura, and all of the circuits can be seen and downloaded in JPX format for free, and you will be spoiled for choice!

The French Jura G8 network also offers rambling and trekking circuits, or by mountain bike.

La grande traversée du Jura à cheval

The GTJ (Grande Traversée du Jura) covers the foothills of the French Jura summits with the Northern most point at Crozey-le-Petit, in the Doubs Department, and joins Arbignieu in the Ain Department, nearly 500 km overall, that represents about 20 stages in stopover gites, equestrian farms, campsites and others, for riders who wish to discover the whole circuit, or that can be discovered in sections as required.

The GTJ is supported in part by the French Jura G8 network, and L'Ain à cheval.